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For almost a decade, IFMR has been at the forefront of the development scene. The various centres in our ecosystem work with a common vision of providing cross-cutting research on the most salient features of social and economic development.

Through our joint efforts, we have built a solid path for high quality research in India, a reputation for excellence in monitoring and evaluation and an important voice in promoting evidence-based policymaking. At this juncture, there was a shared sentiment in the organization to adopt a name that truly reflects our continued ambitions. And after due deliberation by the teams, we finalized on the title – IFMR LEAD

With hundreds of high-skilled social science researchers, IFMR LEAD is one of the biggest development economics and financial research organization in India. Our lead message “Leveraging Evidence for Access and Development”, strongly echoes our commitment to continuously pair our rigorous research with innovative action to ultimately increase the capability for all to lead better quality lives.

Our endeavor is to keep our readers abreast with IFMR LEAD’s work towards the development agenda. We hope you enjoy reading about us.

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Sharon Buteau

  #The Important Role of Digital Payments in Reaching India’s Financial Inclusion Objectives

The financial inclusion and efficiency gains associated with ubiquitous access to digital payments systems are very high. Digital payments can reduce transaction costs by up to 90 percent, save the Government more than Rs. 1 lakh crore, and provide accessible financial services to all residents while also lowering costs for financial providers. This is especially salient in India where its sheer size and wide-spread absolute poverty does not allow for many to absorb the costs associated with the management of physical currency notes and traditional branches.

The RBI Committee on Comprehensive Financial Services (CCFS) thereby envisions a much greater proliferation of digital payment points, especially in rural areas, such that every resident in India would be within a fifteen minute walking distance...Read More

Dr. Nachiket Mor is a renowned financial expert committed to financial inclusion and healthcare sector reform. He currently serves as a member of the RBI Board of Director’s Standing Committee on Financial Inclusion; the Research Advisory Council of the RBI’s Centre for Advanced Financial Research and Learning; and the Standing Council of Experts on the Indian Financial Sector of the Ministry of Finance, Government of India.

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BCURE: Data and Analysis for Smart Policy Design
Socio-Economic Baseline Study in Tribal Districts of India
Comprehensive Social Security for the Indian Unrecognized Sector

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    #   5th Annual IMTFI Conference - Understanding the Movement of Cash of Privately led Enterprises in Dharavi and Scope for Electronic or Mobile Payments  
    #   Microfinance India Summit 2013 - SHG Bank Linkage – Applying the Responsible Financial Lens.  

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